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Publications by Dr Sean Nicklin

Tendon and Bone Healing and its implications for Surgery

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Etonogestrol Implants - Case Studies Of Median Nerve Injury Following Removal

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A Model Of Pressure Distribution Under Peripherally Secured Foam
Dressings On A Convex Surface: Does This Contribute To Skin Graft Loss?

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Spinal Fusion Using An Autologous Growth Factor Gel And A Porous
Resorbable Ceramic

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Lopped Suture Properties: Implications For Multistranded Flexor Tendon Repair

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Osseous Reconstruction Of Complex Defects Of The Lumbar Spine

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Influence Of Locking Stitch Size In A Four Cross-Locked Cruciate Flexor Tendon Repair

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Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery In Oncological Surgery. When Cancer Crosses Disciplines

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The Relationship Between Gap Formation And Grip-Grip Displacement During Cyclic Testing Of Repaired Flexor Tendons

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A Biochemical Assessment Of Repair Versus Non-Repair Of Sheep Flexor Tendons Lacerated To 75 Percent

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The 75 Percent Partial Tendon Lacerations: A Biomechanical Assessment Of Repair Versus Non-Repair Using Sheet Tendons

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Parapharyngeal Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour In Conjuction With Gaglionneuroblasyoma Involving The Mandible

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In Vitro Comparison Of Lagged And Nonlagged Screw Fixation Of Metacarpal Fractures In Cadavers

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A New Technique For Distal Fixation Of Flexor Digitorum Profundus Tendon

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Pediatric Treadmill Injuries

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Expandable Anatomical Implants In Breast Reconstruction: A Prospective Study

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